New Website!

Exciting things are happening! In the pursuit of something more flexible and professional, I have left my old blog/portfolio behind and will be using this new website! Huge shout out to my good friend Austin Burdine for suggesting and setting up this new Ghost platform for me (check out his website here!

With the new website, there are many new possibilities for my website. I will be using it primarily as an online portfolio of my work and will be updating it as the projects progress. But since I can now sort my posts into different folders, I now am able to post about topics that are more personal or about what I see going on in the world and not have it mixed into my portfolio. All of these will be able to be filtered through with the menu in the top right of the homepage. My old portfolio will still be up so if you want to see some old posts, you can here. I will be posting soon with a general overview of each project that I am working on or have worked on.

More will be coming soon and exciting things are in store!