Senior Year Update

This post is long overdue. In it, I give general updates on the year and overviews on my work with Baja and my senior project.

In realizing that my senior year is almost complete and I haven't posted major updates at all this year, this is long overdue. It's been an incredible year. It's been deeply challenging, in both coursework and projects, but also rewarding. Though the end of the year is fast approaching, there is still much to be done.

My senior project is on track to be able to compete in NASA's Human Exploration Rover Challenge in April - an update for that project can be read here.

In addition to my senior project, I was the head designer for Olivet's SAE Baja racing team again. Last semester I focused on designing the new frame for our competition car. This semester, I wanted to focus on the auxiliary components but had to step back from Baja to focus on my senior project - an update for Baja can be read here.

It's amazing to think of how much has been done this year and how much more has yet to be done. Here is a snapshot of my to-do list between now and graduation (May 5th!):

  • Participate in a student panel about summer internships and research programs. I will be presenting an overview of my summer research, what I did to secure my fellowship, and any advice I have for those interested in internships and research programs.
  • Finish and test the rover. Testing will be completed around my university as well as at local parks that offer terrain similar to what will be encountered during competition.
  • Compete in NASA's Human Exploration Rover Challenge (April 13th and 14th).
  • Present on my summer research in Olivet Nazarene University's Scholar Week. This presentation will be more specific and focus on the research unlike the previous presentation that was an overview of the summer and about how I got the position.
  • Write the final senior project report and present our senior project.
  • Various presentations, papers and finals for classes.
  • Graduate!!

It's going to be a hectic but amazing last few weeks. I'll make sure to write a post about the end of the semester and graduation!