Who is Stephen Johnson?

That's quite the loaded question so let's start with the formalities.

I am Stephen P. Johnson, though many know me simply by Steve. I am a Junior Mechanical Engineering Student at Olivet Nazarene University with more interests than minutes in the day. Some of my interests include rocket science, autonomy, human psychology, the environment and our energy future, and great coffee. I am blessed to hold the positions of President for the Olivet Engineering Club and Head Designer for the Olivet Racing Baja SAE team. Check out my Linkedin profile if you'd like to see more.

On a more personal side, I am far more than the above. I am also passionate about car culture, laughing till my sides hurt, hip-hop culture, graffiti, exploring the unknown, and getting lost in the woods. It is impossible for me to separate my passions and my interests from one another because my curiosity and love of life spreads into every aspect of who I am. I am constantly growing and learning and, in a hilarious script of irony, hope to stay that way until the day I die. While this website will be primarily professional and serve as a portfolio, I will also be posting about the rest of my life because it seems unfair to present to you only part of who I am.

This is a glimpse into who I am. Welcome to my world.